Pallet Entryway Planter with LED’s Lights

A home is judged by its decorative trends and there are home locations which are to focus on very first before you go to create a decorative avatar of your home! The interior and exterior entry points make the very first impression of home so should always be decorated in an ideal way for dominant decorative impacts of your home on others! If you don’t want to go expensive while decorating your home then simply select the DIY alternatives that can really help you to cut down your expenditures!

For instant natural vibe just bring this DIY pallet planter to your primary access point, would be an eye-captivating natural decor centerpiece and is sure to magnify the look of your exterior home entrance! Charming solar and LED lights have been installed to get it beautifully illuminated at night and the white painted avatar would look damn gorgeous at day time! You can copy this planter project also to solve your garden, backyard and terrace space decor issues!

custom creamy white pallet exterior entryway planter
Here is a better use of pallet wood to get your exterior entrance perfectly decorated, individual pallet slats have been put together for a fab wooden planter, there is slim long planter in the mid and two box shape planters on each end!
custom wooden pallet planter
An enhanced look of planter has been created using white paint coats and also the solar lights and mini white LEDs which really turn it into a twinkling decor at night!

Made by: Dane Paintin

25 Inspiring DIY Pallet Planter Ideas

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