DIY Wooden Pallet Planter

It really makes our body feel nice when we just exposing our self to outdoor climates! To see the greenery is another healthy experience for your eyes and also a source of inner satisfaction! So you are really lucky if you are having a green garden space at your outdoor! If not yet, then you can simply use this DIY pallet planter to instant natural green vibe and sensation to your interior spaces! Just build some wooden holding with pallets in any shape and then start potting in them to get amazing herb planters, flower planters and also the succulent planters!

Here we have shared almost 25 pallet planter ideas to get the vertical garden or wall hanging planters out of them that just make you feel so close to nature even while living in narrower residences as mostly happens in big cities! This handmade planter comes with little wooden handles and has been painted in light green for a charming avatar! Build these planter in any number to provide distinction or decorative edging to any patio sitting set or a newly build deck space!

recycled pallet planter
Something that even a little child can do is to build some crate or box like shapes out of pallets, and these box like shapes can make beautiful planters for nature loving persons like you for sure!
no-cost wooden pallet planter
This planter is having a mix rustic-modern avatar as it has been painted in light green while the legs are still having a precious dark brown tone of wood!
upcycled wooden pallet painted planter
For easy pick-up, the tiny handles have been installed, change the size of this planter according to your requirements and also feel free to change the overall design and shape!

Made by Mundo Palets

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