Recycled DIY Pallet Planter Box

Pallets can be used for development of home interiors and exteriors as well. This time we have got a chic DIY pallet planter for our garden accent. The idea really came up with a very nice layout that will perform very well for potting purposes. After getting the pallets dismantled you can easily plan the dimensions of your target which may be anything a DIY pallet chair, table, bench, bed, or other useful types of routine furniture.

This planter box is the perfect use of a chemically treated pallet skid if you are not sure about the conditions under which it has been treated. Pallet wood is really cheap, sturdy and easily accessible and also give some really easy-to-built constructions, these features really make the pallet wood a hilarious and popular type of wood. Some holes have been made at the bottom of this box for perfect drainage of water. This DIY pallet project is really a beginner friendly, cost friendly and Eco-friendly as well so give a try to it.

recycled pallet planter box

diy pallet planter box

recycled pallet planter box

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