Pallet Vertical Planter

Pallet is so durable that it can last long for so many seasons if it is being utilized in the outer section your house. So take advantage of pallet wood’s highly praised durability and build something special for your home decor. Responding to such acclaimed words, a unique and visually pleasing product has been crafted from the manual work which is DIY pallet vertical garden planter. Hand selected pieces of pallet planks has been up-cycled to witness this outrageous piece of garden planter.

Three pallet racks has been built on a vertical structure to hold the plants and herbs in an organized and exciting pattern. The plants can be directly employed in the racks or in some small pots for more neat and clean look. This vertical planter can exalt the greenly and refreshing atmosphere of your garden or you can hang them on the entryway or hallway walls as a decor amplifier. Its unfinished look will add rustic flair to your house but if you don’t like it you can stain it in contrasting colors of your wall for more fun and also for protection.

Reclaimed pallet vertical planter

Recycled pallet vertical planter

Repurposed pallet vertical planter

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