Gorgeous Pallet TV Stand / Media Table

Pallets can really give some incredible outputs of home furniture and embellishing if you just make some genius efforts with your crafting skills and the handy tools. And we the pallet projects is right here t give you people some really good inspirational suggestions about the recycling of the pallets so that you can make the most out of this pallet wood. And not only unique and functional but the gorgeous and stylish furniture things are equally possible to build from the pallets as some are seen in the famous pallet furniture websites.

And to make you believe your eyes we are here with this gorgeous DIY pallet TV stand or media table having a small, sleek and slim design with the shelves and cabinets to hold and store all your media gadgets, apparatus and accessories. The cabinet doors have been carved with lovely heart shapes to make this media stand look damn beautiful. It has been sanded and here you are seeing the unfinished look but you can make it look apt for your decor by getting it stained in the matching hues.

pallet media table

This handmade pallet media stand is nothing less than a high brand furniture piece if we have a look at its shape, design and finely crafted structure so hack the idea soon to store your media stuff stylishly.

wooden pallet media table

The media stand is not only gorgeous in looks but highly functional too with a large and wide table top, cute cabinets and the middle build shelves to store and hold your media stuff amply.

diy pallet media table

One more beauty thing about this pallet made media table is that the doors of the cabinets have been carved with the heart shapes which really adds a lot to the beauty of the rustic looking unfinished media table.

Made by: Esprit Loft Recup

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