Upcycled Pallet Garden Bench

Using the free find pallets you can get all your home sections furnished well and that too without losing dollars out of your pocket. Especially if you are craft lover then pallets can be the best ever material to satisfy your crafting carvings. Just search out your whole house and see which furniture thing you need and the pallets would get it for you for sure. Like this DIY upcycled pallet bench for garden has been achieved from the pallets so that they can also enjoy the fresh outdoor ambiance too sitting on the bench with their fellow friends or siblings.

To install this rustic but comfort bench seat you first have to saw large and wide pallet slat and plank piece out of them. Stack these slats and planks tightly to each other forming the back, the sides and the tiered berth seat. You can get low or high seat level depending on how many layers of pallets you add just keep in mind the size of your kid so that he can easily sit on it. Here it has been left with rustic finish which you can change per your kids choices as they mostly like bright and striking shades.

Recycled pallet garden bench

pallet garden bench

diy pallet garden bench

Re-purposed pallet garden becnh

Wooden pallet garden bench
Made by: Une palette d’idées

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