Zen Bench

You may have used benches for sitting plan only but here you will find another great act of them for garden which is to hold the pots and would be precious to all of us. We have regained a DIY pallet Zen bench by resurrecting the pallet wood wisely for both sitting and garden decorative plans. This type of benches contains a long berth place which is less than a normal table top width.

We have made it more amusing and by getting the wood in glassy nature by coating it with polyurethane which is a popular wood treatment. The further strength has been provided to wood by making it sealed with epoxy resin. Any wood can be made lasting and durable by getting it stained so did this also in our DIY pallet project for bench. You can try more of pallet furniture DIY by taking a visit of our site which is lush and fully loaded with DIY pallet ideas that can give a throughout change to your life.

Pallet Wood Zen Bench

Pallet Zen Bench

DIY Pallet Wood Zen Bench

Wood Zen Bench

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