Colorful Pallet Bench with Flat Box Legs

Pallets are becoming the most common and friendly source of free furniture, especially the outdoor lovers are just running after the pallets as there is too much to gain out of pallets to organize your outdoor better for any kind of affair! Outdoor decking, wooden flooring installation and garden fencing are the most famous outdoor pallet projects to do however, one can even get special wooden pallet furniture for outdoor for occasional and routine sitting affairs! This DIY colorful pallet bench is something that can create a permanent sitting point for you to enjoy your free time and also to enjoy the book reading and daydreaming!

There are wooden box like flat legs on which this bench stands and a further cross beam wooden support has been installed to strengthen the legs more! The bench has been finished in white, black and brown lines using paint and hence becomes more attractive to eyes! Clone this bench design to add to your garden, backyard, front porch and patio space!

recycled pallet painted outdoor bench
Benches just are always to see placed at your green and sunny outdoors for convenient free time sitting affairs, why not get free wooden benches like his precious given one, to spice up your patio and also to style up your home deck areas!
rustic wooden pallet bench
The bench design is a creative reconstruction of pallet here and it really feels nice when useless things becomes useful again using just a little bit of your thinking!
handmade pallet bench
Also install a pallet shelf underneath to get a perfect mudroom bench with shoes out of it! Cross beam supports between the legs just create a more adorable view of the bench along with amazing inner strength!

Made by: Ideas con Palets

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