Pallet Rope Handle Baskets

Pallet wood is so wonderful to be used for all kinds of home development projects be it the possession of some furniture pieces or some embellishing crafts to add oodles of charm to the house decor. There is an abundance of the ideas and plans that can be yielded from the pallets all you need to do is just make up your mind and put your hands on the pallets first.

And to let you approach pallets instantly we have brought to you a really impressive pallet made thing which is cute enough to melt your heart with the very first glance over it. So check out this DIY pallet rope handle baskets nicely and simply made from the pallet pieces very small in size. Rope has been used as handles and a gorgeous paint work has been done on it making it look more exquisite. Use it as decoration piece, flower basket or fruit basket in the kitchen.

pallet rope handle basket
This pallet basket is made from the pallet pieces which have been joined together to shape up this cute basket with a rope as a handle to be lifted up easily when needed to place from one place to an other.
diy pallet rope handle basket
The cute looking basket has been made to look more beautiful by staining it in blue and white stain coats and with a cute drawn and painted pattern of flowers and birds on it so you can use it completely as a decor piece.

Made by: Steve’s Pallet Creations

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