DIY Pallet Wall Clock

While doing the pallet projects, you may left with a great pile of pallet odds and ends. What to do with these leftover pallet remains? There are countless suggestions and DIY pallet idea to reuse them but we are sharing here a most creative one, built the wooden clock pieces and art pieces for your interior wall decors. This DIY pallet round wall clock has especially been designed to give a vintage inspired look to your interior wall spaces and just costs you nothing!

By going through a timeless framework and construction, you can get this rustic wall accent piece to make your blank wall areas showy and visually arresting. Pure quartz clock system has been utilized for accurate time counting! You may change the shape or appearance of the clock to get also a sterling pallet wall art out of this clock which is just nothing in budget or cost prize!!

recycled pallet wall clock

reclaimed pallet round wall clock

diy round pallet wall clock

upcycled pallet wall clock

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