Upcycled Pallet Nightstand and Side Table

We always required numerous different types of table furniture in home to set off any room or area of home for better performance. Here we are to introduce with you this pallet nightstand and side table project to give you another decent layout of multipurpose pallet table on a budget. This beautiful shape of table has purely been design using the hardwood pallets. Visit the junky yards, deleted material and scrap piles to get a good supply of pallets.

After getting them ripped apart and cutting down to sizes, they have been refinished to this DIY pallet side table to provide your living room couch a beautiful wooden table support. It can also serve you in your garden as it can be taken in use as a graceful plant stand to display your favorite herb or flower pots over its top! This recycled pallet furniture is really an example of mind blowing wooden creativity and one should definitely avail this no-cost table project!

recycled pallet nightstand and side table

upcycled pallet side table and plant stand

wooden pallet side table and nightstand

rustic yet modern pallet nightstand and side table

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