Reclaimed Pallet Kitchen Island Table

There are always some basic furniture items we need to handle the fundamental kitchen affairs and a kitchen island is one of those basic kitchen furniture essential and help a kitchen person in multiple different ways! Due to bigger involvement of a kitchen island to your home, we are having here the no-cost DIY strategies to earn robust wooden kitchen islands! Rebuild pallets to install beautiful and outstandingly functional kitchen tables and this DIY pallet kitchen island table is a worthy pallet creation to get you inspired!

Two built in shelving levels and a robust wooden top raise the functionality of this kitchen island to a next level! For lasting stability of each part of the design the heavy duty hardware and well fitting of pallet slats are all responsible! This free wooden version can really rock if you need an instant wooden kitchen island for your kitchen! Add some hanging hooks, a towel rack and also build the drawers in for custom storage options in it and paint would be great option for a modern chic appearance of this wooden island!

reclaimed pallet kitchen island
It is only the pallets that giving the most used and functional home furniture items for free to all home lovers, now pallets are presenting this kitchen island having two levels of shelves underneath!
upcycled wooden pallet kitchen island
Just in case if you are already having a well-build and well working version of kitchen island, then this wooden model will come in handy to be used as a side table or as a decorative console or behind sofa table!
sturdy wooden pallet kitchen island
Disassembled lengths or deck boards of pallets can easily be thought to build different parts of this kitchen island table as you can see, these are simply the pallet lengths building each part of this adorable island table!
custom-built pallet kitchen island
Change the rustic wooden visual into modern using paint and before paint do rub the all table surface well with sandpaper to create a soft wooden touch!

Made by: 100% palettes

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