Reclaimed Pallet Farmhouse Table with Cross

Tables are the most fundamental and highly usable component of furniture which is all responsible to give complete looks to any sitting area throughout your home. Here we have made a DIY pallet farmhouse table by reclaiming the pallets which refers to another highly creative use of pallets. This specific and oversize design of table has unique cross sectioned legs which are adjustable to make it raised to any desirable height.

Pure rustic and weathered pallets have been recycled to make this big and giant size of table which is ready for any type of occasional use too. The cross legs have been further more strengthened by a beam support through the legs. The appearance of this DIY pallet table is much environment friendly and it can perform much better in each of rustic, modern, farmhouse, shabby chic or urban chic style of interiors. Do give it a try as it is highly feasible and also free of cost.

recycled pallet farmhouse table

recycled pallet crossed leg farmhouse table

diy pallet farmhouse crossed leg table

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