Potting Table

We have freshened on old metallic table frame which was just about to trash. We have refitted it to be a adoptable wooden character in home. This DIY pallet steel potting table has been integrated from pallet wood after getting in nice and beautiful shape. The overhaul was just simple like a hand over fist.

The table stands for playing different decent and extensive characters and acts like it can hold well your charming fish tank and also be a garnished station of living room by behaving like a festooned DIY pallet side table. The patched wood has been secured with wax and polyurethane, in addition to be shiny and quality material. Find the crumbled wood, where you can find it nearly accessible and find the hidden crafter in yourself by making a trial of such a stimulating creativity and idea.

recycled pallet steel frame table

reclaimed and steel table

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