Pallet Side Table / End Table / Nightstand

Pallet wood is common type of wood and can be seen all around your home. But this cheap and rustic type of wood can be recycled with unlimited possibilities by giving you the subtle type of furniture and other wooden concerns of home. We have created this bizarre type of DIY pallet side table by carefully reclaiming the old shipping pallets. You can assign a great deal of tasks to this luxury type of table to get great serviceable outcomes for home.

If you have already a table for living room sofa or couch support then this can be settled in besides of bedroom to provide the services of a DIY pallet nightstand to support the night material and some personal items. Wooden is looking captivating due to elegant shine on the wood grain which we have brought with a light sanding process with hand rubbing using sand paper. We have left it in delightful wooden mode but you can customize it appearance by selecting any of paint and stain.

DIY Pallet End Table

DIY Pallet Nightstand

DIY Pallet Side Table

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