Pallet Made Media Console/TV stand

If you are lacking of a media table and TV stand in your living or media room and want to get it on a really cool thrifty budget then you are just on the right path to get this highly and dire need of home. We happen to meet some barn wood pallets at the near one nursery and we get them reclaimed for our targeted need which was this DIY pallet media console table which will also be great as a TV stand in your TV lawn.We have featured it with some drawers, shelving space and some of pallet cabinets having doors.

The appearance we have brought up can compete any of industrial model for TV stand. This chic pallet media table can give a secured space to your DVD player, to your CPU and also to your buffers. You can also use it as wooden pallet computer desk for rest of your office tasks and work by operating computer system on its top.

recycled pallet media console table

reclaimed pallet media console and TV stand

diy pallet wood media console and TV stand

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