DIY Rustic Stained Pallet Sofa Table and Entry Table

To maintain the environment of a home for cozy appeal and look, it always demands to take some extra care of accent and highly visited portions of home like entryway, hallway and living room. Some dominant styles of tables are always needed to dignify your hallway and entry and here we will speak for such a kind of table made with pallets. This DIY pallet sofa and entryway table would be much functional for decoration and home embellishing purposes.

It has a long top and a shelf at its lower panel for different plans of storage and home knickknacks. Place a piece of light lamp while using it as a DIY pallet sofa table and use the flower pots, faux crafts and artful toys if you are using it at your entry way. For a vintage inspired look, it has been finished with dark shade of wood stain that also empowers it with more durability and strength.

recycled pallet sofa and entry table

reclaimed pallet sofa and entry table

upcycled pallet sofa and entryway table

handcrafted pallet sofa and entry way table

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