DIY Rustic Pallet Side Table with Drawer

Recycling of wood is a great thought to keep safe to be wasted for nothing. A big amount of wood is used to make the shipping skids called the “pallets”. These skids have no further purpose after getting retired from the ships and ship owner mostly want to get rid them off instantly. You can grab those skids for great pallet furniture out of them. We have made this DIY wood pallet side table using the same type of shipping skids and also added a drawer too in it.

Wooden dings, tools marks, wear and tear signs give it a vintage and prehistoric look which held much eyeful and precious. Move it in your bedroom and get the chic services of a pallet nightstand out of it to give support to your night material and conveniences. This rustic piece can provide a really unique touch to any living space and would be a great housewarming gift too.

recycled pallet side table

upcycled pallet side table

rustic pallet side table

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