DIY Pallet Table and Desk

We were just visiting the surroundings and backyard of our home while some rustic pallet skids captured our eyes. We inspect them carefully and found it just suitable for further use and handcrafting fun at home. We made a DIY pallet table and desk out of it by using them wisely in table dimensions. The rustic appearance made us fully satisfied because we have aimed to get it rustic which we love very much.

Wooden dings, tool marks, knots and imperfections on wood surface are great history teller of wood and make us conscious about the age of wood. We have just sanded this wooden pallet furniture down lightly to remove the gunk layer and it still has that antique and vintage wood theme. To make the structural frame tightly held and more strengthened we have used the metal braces for perfect and lasting gripping. Many useful tasks and routine manners can be fulfilled by this easy wood projects from pallets so make it copied at home by getting a sufficient stock of pallet wood.

recycled pallet table and desk

addition of bolts

fixing of metal braces

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