DIY Pallet Reception Desk

Reception desk is a great component in the reception room of any office, we have created the same type of reception desk by utilizing the pallet wood stock we had from our backyard, a neighbor threw them in that backyard dumpster. We reclaimed them all to make this arresting DIY pallet reception desk which is much engaging and absorbing due to charming appearance and layout.

The upper wooden tops have been originated from the pallet wood and most of the body part of this DIY pallet desk has been created with oak limbs. The crazy tree branch pattern that you are seeing is hand drawn and stained which gave us the real fetching beauty to it. You can use this alluring DIY pallet furniture for office or outdoor social events and fun and it will work prominently in both that cases. We have made it sealed with epoxy resins to save the integrity of wood for a long time.

recycled pallet reception desk

reclaimed pallet reception desk

diy chic pallet reception desk

repurposed pallet reception desk

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