DIY Pallet Potting Bench from Old Wood Rack

There are endless customizations to modify the already made pallet furniture models with tremendous options. That is the basic feature of pallet to be liked the most that it is further customizable after making the cozy one through it. Same has been done in our given tutorial of DIY pallet potting table or bench from old and rustic pallet rack. Just make few steps and to attain well furnished setting for your garden tools. We have made further the great supporting deck where the metallic grid has been attached by drilling holes with hand drill and adding screws through them.

The grid is accomplished with S-shape hooks for different hanging needs to it. If you too have some old rustic furniture, you can modify it with pallet wood to attain new one carrying more fashion sensation and features. The whole model should be undergone through some basic and primary processes of sanding, staining and varnishing before manipulating into structure model of DIY pallet potting table or bench. These processes would give it charming sensation which would be enough stimulate and captivate others.

reclaimed pallet potting table

step 1

step 3

step 2

step 4

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