DIY Pallet Outdoor Accent Table

If you want a clever and much functional use of your weathered pallet skids then make them restored to this DIY pallet outdoor accent table which has much feasible and obtainable design. Different colors make it attractive and a centerpiece for open garden spaces and backyards. It has also been featured with perfectly secured storage space. You can pull the drawer out to hide what you want to be inside of it. Marks of wooden tools, nail holes, and weathered nature of wood tells the age and conditions of wood under which it has been treated.

Such a rustic character held much precious to rustic lovers and you can use it to give any living area an antique feel. We have made the edges white painted then make it distressed for a vintage appeal of it. Top has been given multiple shades of colors that make it adorable and much stimulating. Do try your hands in making a chic copy of this outdoor table as you only need some pallets which can easily be got free of cost.

recycled pallet outdoor accent table

repurposed pallet accent table

handcrafted pallet outdoor accent table

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