Pallet Shelf Tower / Bookcase

Give your storage demands a very gorgeous and unique satisfaction with our handsomely crafted DIY pallet shelf tower, a pure symbol of form and functionality together. The item in its beautiful outlook, can give a very tough time to the market bought items especially its shape and design are just outstanding. And your joy would knew no bounds when you would come to know that this awesome piece would cost you a few dollars as it has been cultivated from the wonder wood pallets.

A lot of pallet shelves layer have been built in this tower in a pyramid design to award it a very creative and up to date look. You can make its fantastic display in your hall, living or bedroom showing off some decorative pieces on the shelves or your favorite collection of books with safety of locked door. Every shelf have been awarded with some hidden bulbs which lend it a very illuminating and visual pleasing look totally apt for your shabby chic decor.

diy pallet shelf tower

pallet shelf tower with door

pallet shelf tower with hidden lights

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