Pallet Kitchen Shelves for Storage

Pallet wood is used all across the globe in shipping industry. After being used these pallets are recycled and are used again to make many useful pieces of pallet furniture. The use of pallets to make furniture has taken the shape of a complete industry and many people across the globe are associated with used and recycled pallet work. Internet forums and many blogging sites are the fast and effective mean of sharing pallet projects and getting ideas for many future projects. This blog will also help you in constructing a pallet project that is basically the pallet kitchen shelves.

Pallet Kitchen Shelves

I badly needed a pallet shelves for my kitchen to place my utensils like coffee cups, glassed, some bottles and other stuff so I decided to find a solution for this. I had some very clean and neat pallets that I had collected from an industrial auction so I decided to complete my kitchen pallets project with those pallets. I started my work early in the morning so that I will be able to finish it up on time.

Pallet Kitchen Shelves

First of all I disassembled the pallet into separate planks and then fixed the pallet planks of the wall of the kitchen using nails. I only used four planks for that but prior to that I have done sanding to remove the rough surfaces. Moreover I made two sides supports using pallet planks so that it gives a look of complete kitchen Pallet shelves. Using three more pallet planks I made the three different sections so that different items could be placed on top of the pallet planks. I had fixed some spare hooks on the pallet planks so that I could hang my coffee cups easily.

Pallet Kitchen Shelves

You can see that I have made small spaces in the last section to put in my bear glasses. You can also create a simple pallet shelf and can enjoy the project.

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