Pallet Kitchen Shelf and Racking

We need to organize a lot of things in a kitchen to cook food like cooking utensils to spice jars! It is also a room mostly having short space so the need of extra functional storage units becomes a very first demand of it! Checkout here these DIY pallet kitchen shelf and racking ideas and get a super functional and storage-friendly kitchen interior just on a lowest ever budget plan! Pallet slats have been repurposed to build a spice organizer and also a coffee mug rack that has an additional shelf over its top!

This is how you can do awesome things with pallets and can boost the overall look and performance of your man-cave! There are lots of innovative concepts of cool pallet wood recycling that can really make you a big fan of pallets! Also checkout different DIY recommendation to use the pallet to build the kitchen counters, kitchen islands, trolleys and also kitchen cabinets!

recycled pallet coffee mug rack
There are always some old wood in home like pallets and leftover plywood sheets! If you are also having then it’s time to get extra creative with them, build this functional kitchen mug rack out of them! All you need is to use some pallet planks and to fix s-hook over them!
upcycled wooden pallet spice rack
Using same dismantled pallets a spice rack has also been installed and whole square frame has been hold in place by fixing plywood sheet at its back using nails! Install perfect hardware hanging systems for safe wall hanging of pallet-made mug rack and spice rack and enjoy!!!

Submitted By: Allen Jones‎

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