Pallet Eco-Friendly Shelving on a Budget

In this wood recycling inspiration we’ll show you that how can pallets hold and organize your things better! It is pretty simple to go for installation of some functional shelves to home with pallets, If you have any doubt, then just have a look on this DIY pallet Eco-friendly rustic shelving scheme, features three grand levels of shelves to organize your clutter and items of interest! You can get crazier to install some personal features to these DIY pallet shelves to let them be a focal point for you entire room! Stack some of custom pallet sizes to vertically on each other and just raise them to your targeted height level!

Just pluck the slats up from pallet boards where you want to install a shelving level and you can easily do so by using some x-long sizes of wooden slats! The different between the bottoms of installed pallet towers can be increased or decreased to fit your space best and also to maximize or minimize your shelving space to organize your things with eye-catching display!

pallet and old wood Eco-friendly shelving

wooden pallet Eco-friendly shelving

recycled pallet shelving

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