DIY Rustic Pallet Coat Rack

Everything and item or useless and ordinary stuff around you can be repurposed by right and creative type of hands which we all have. Wood is also a great subject for crafting phenomenon and can easily be recycled into chic patterns and designs that can be used in routines of home. We have shaped up this rustic DIY pallet coat rack from weathered and time worn wood of pallets lying just to rot on a garbage pile.

We made it washed completely with soapy water to get it into a pleasing mode by removing the ugly gunk from it. It was lush with two portions, one we made specified for a DIY pallet book shelf out of it and second one portion we hooked up for hanging needs. Such a metal hooks can easily be found on a hardware store to hang up the coats, handbags, keychains and scarves. This handmade DIY pallet craft would be terrific and functional addition to your home entry and hallway for a great serviceable plan.

recycled pallet coat rack and bookshelf

reclaimed pallet coat rack and bookshelf

diy pallet coat rack

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