Wood Pallet Headboard with Lights

A headboard is only to use for bedroom accent purposes, one can also get it in storage-friendly and fully functional mode with lots of storage options, lights and mobile phone charging outlets! Get inspired of this all in one DIY pallet headboard with lights and charging layouts, one can say it an electrical versions of the headboard! It has also been installed using those rustic pallets torn apart into pieces! It is easy-to-build, cost-effective and highly stable, it contains all to convince a bedroom lover to choose it!

There are two caged lights fixed on each corner that allows the user to read his books and magazines conveniently and there are also options to charge your mobile phones without leaving your comfy place while being on a bed! There are number of storage compartments on either side of the headboard to store your night supporting material and conveniences! In addition, there is also a decorative mantle on the headboard to display some of your decors like candles, mural frames, picture frames and other bedroom embellishments!

recycled pallet headboard with lights

upcycled pallet headboard with mobile charging outlets

diy pallet headboard with lights and mobile charging outlets

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