Pallet Chicken Coop out of Recycled Pallets

Almost every home in the country side area keeps less or more chicken. They arrange to make pallet chicken coop for these chickens to protect them from cats and other predators as well as provide space for laying eggs.

Pallet Chicken Coop Design:

Different designs and shapes of pallet chicken coop are found. The chicken coops are made with the roof having slopes giving extra space for air. Chicken coops are also found in long and rectangular shape to adjust more chicken in it. Some coops are made above the surface and the pallet woods are used to make their floor. Wires are used in the coops to work as fencing and give air to the chicken.

Pallet Chicken Coop Ideas:

Pallet chicken coop for small number of hens can be made in small box shape. If there are hens in large number then make big and having the sloppy roof of the coop. You can make portion for hens laying eggs. Add wire on two or three sides to give them air and block the cold wind with sacks during winter.


If their coop is good then their growth will be normal and it is easy to clean the pallet chicken coop and handle the large number of chicken in one coop is easy and convenient. Make the hen laying eggs in one or more portions in the coop.

Pallet Chicken Coop Decor:

Make the chicken coop in sloppy roof shape and add door with catcher to lock the door. Use paint in attractive color but not white as it will get dirty in some days.

Pallet wood chicken coop building plans:

Make plan of pallet chicken coop keeping in mind number of chicken you keep. Make them above ground in order to protect from predators to dig under the fence. Make portion for the hens laying eggs and add door in middle which will be convenient to clean the pallet chicken coop and manage the food and water of the chickens.

pallet chicken coop

pallet chicken coop

pallet chicken coop

pallet chicken coop

pallet chicken coop

pallet chicken coop

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