DIY Stool Made from Pallet Wood

Creative world of pallet wood recycling is growing day by day as people are making some unbelievable things out of pallet wood. Do you still feeling short of sitting space? This has been perfectly solved with great DIY pallet seating plans and sitting furniture. This time we are going to share with you an idea of this DIY pallet wood stool which can be amazing addition to home for extra sitting space and also to reach the higher stuff of home by using it as step stool.

It has been padded with eyeful and kid’s favorite colors so you kids will love to sit on it for sure. You can create a create batch of such a wooden stools in no time as it is much feasible and super fast to do with pallet wood. Get this another outcome and swank use of pallet wood to serve your home with exact type of furniture on a budget.

recycled pallet padded stool

upcycled pallet pirate stool

resurrected pallet stool

diy pallet pirate stool

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