DIY Pallet Patio Dining furniture

Here we have a perfect plan to organize our dining at outdoor. After filling up the cavities and removing the knots we have got this honorable rustic dining table which has a plush and serene surrounding of tow DIY pallet benches, which offer for a 6 people seating around the table.

The whole DIY pallet furniture project is well planned, you can see the height of benches is just according to the dining table height to sit and eat well. We have given it dark black shade with stain and the whole rustic appearance carry the same nail dots and imperfections. You can renovate your patio and outdoor though the same thrifty pallet inspiration. Enjoy the summer nights and dinner plans under moon and star gazing at your serene outdoor.

recycled pallet dining set

upcycled pallet dining set

restored pallet dining set

recovered pallet dining set

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