Bar Made from Pallets

If you have a large living room then you can plan many things to get furnished and embellished there to make it look and perform a more fun and functional space than anyone else. As the living room the social hub of the house where family and friend parties are held, so to make the fun doubled of your gatherings you can install a bar there to enjoy the cold and chilled out beverages along with the gossips, juicy bites and laughing jokes.

How about making of your own and that too at home without any money expenditure? Yes with pallets you can make this cost free DIY pallet bar quite feasibly at home using your tool kit. Pallet board has been turned into the slim and sleek pallet top while the under part has been yielded from the stacking and yoking of pallet slats together in many layers to get that perfect height. Getting stained in the chocolaty brown shade this bar looks like a traditionally rustic piece.

pallet bar
The pallet bar are now getting widely welcomes in the indoor and outdoors of the houses as they are now too easy and simple to build from the cost free and recycling pallets just like this one in the picture.
diy pallet bar
The bar has been nicely and finely build from the pallet slat and board piece in a very large size to give you a big bar being able to serve many at a time.It has a storage cabinet like space under the top to hold and house your drink bottles and glass sets.
Wooden pallet bar
The bar can be stained and finished in any color that you like to make it a part of your home dwelling but here it has been painted with a choco brown stain to look rustic and trainload.

Made by: Nathan Monreal

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