Wooden Pallet Outdoor Sink

We do a bundle of tasks at outdoor while being in mood to have some fun also to do a variety tasks related to garden and patio repairs! So it becomes necessary there to clean or wash your hands at outdoor sometime while being busy in any of these affairs! So time to welcome this DIY pallet outdoor sink which would just make it pretty easy to wash your hands and mouth after a completing the outdoor renovation pallet projects or eating!

It is easy to dray to any location of your outdoor and entire wooden holding has been built from pallets that also provides to shelving levels for relevant storage of things! Wooden sink stand is having 3 shelving levels and is having a mini shelf at the top that holds the sink null! All you need is to attach a water pipe from behind to operate this wooden outdoor sink! One can even build indoor sinks and bathroom vanity furniture with pallets with great ease!

recycled pallet outdoor sink

handmade pallet outdoor sinkMade by: Les créations bois palettes de Phil

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