Wood Pallet Desk with Drawers and shelves

Office work may give you headache when it comes to arrange the files, paper work and other important stuff in compact spaces. To make your work spaces more organized and to save you from the headache, DIY has brought something really functional with a lot of storage space to pile up your office apparatus at. This is DIY reclaimed pallet desk with two drawers and shelves, built wholly from the pallet wood, enriched with wood grain, high quality construction and extra durability. This exquisite office desk comes with two drawers, a center shelf and two lowered shelves to immaculate your small work station.

The center shelf is to be equipped with, computer, mouse, key board or the laptop with enough housing space. The drawers can be utilized in the hiding of important and confidential papers with safety and the lower shelves are built to hold your regular files and books. Long and sturdy steel legs are operated as the support system of the desk to be equally fit your draft chair. Its finishing in brown gives it a somber and gentle touch but you can pretty much vary it for the matching purposes.

Recycled pallet office desk

Reclaimed pallet desk for office work

Repurposed pallet work desk

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