Pallet Living Room / Office Sliding Gate

We often feel curious about interior privacy and security issues, why not solve them free by going with pallet wood treatments! Build custom baby gates, doors and windows with pallets and also the modern sliding gates with pallets like this DIY pallet living room / office sliding gate inspired of old James Bond films! This sliding wooden gate or door can be utilized to make any interior space private a awesome sliding phenomenon has been created by installing latest hardware like metal slides and rolling wheels fixed better to upper and lower parts of pallet-made gate!

This sliding door has all movements along the wall area as it does open outward like usual interior door or gates so would also be amazing to maximize the interior space also! It would also be touch-to-move and hence would also be convenient to operate by the kids! Dismantled pallet pieces or slats have been given tight composition and filling to yield a thicker wooden rectangular slab that is serving here as an amazing wooden door!

recycled pallet sliding gate
The door slides over a metal rail through wheels fitted at the top, this is something that comes in ultimate modern pallet ideas! Also build the custom baby gates with pallets!
no-cost pallet sliding gate
Pallet slats having different wooden tones and some also having black painted appearance, have been fitted precisely in the welded metal frame and hence makes and adorable metal and wood gate that will stay better for years!

Made by Mario Reyes

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