DIY Scorched Pallet Wood Light Lamp

Pallets provides the easiest source to get sturdy wood and also very accessible. By analyzing the pallets a little bit you can get an amazing amount of useful wood in them to reclaim for another useful object out of it. Check this DIY pallet wood light lamp which would surely tell you how to make the pallets useful again for home projects. Very a little amount of pallet wood is required to copy this amazing DIY pallet project for a graceful and antique wood light lamp.

You can even use the odds and ends of pallet wood to craft this subtle design of lamp. Just make a thick and long cube of pallets and make it electrically wired from inside for electrical supply to lamp. Fix a flat bottom support to make it well stand and you are just done! For an extra vintage appeal the wood has been scorched with fire flame that also gives it a unique finish.

recycled pallet light lamp

upcycled pallet scorched light lamp

upcycled pallet scorched light lamp

upcycled pallet light lamp

repurposed pallet scorched light lamp

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