DIY Pallet Screen Door

Pallet screen door, add more protection to you exterior entry with it without spending extravagantly! This is the cheapest solution to block off the unexpected entries of pet and insets to your home or to be safe in storms and unfriendly weather condition, a nice way to keep your interior safe and clean! You can also build this DIY pallet wooden door with inside glass mesh or can also fill it with wooden boards! It has been hinged and can circulate around a fixed support! Do get this wooden door to safeguard you interior environments from air dust and other polluting material!

You can also add such a wooden blocking off door to your garden fencing or can use them as stair gate to keep your kids and pets safe from going upstairs in home! Just rip up the pallets and try to mimic it using the removed pallet slats, the entire pallet project is pretty simple and has zero difficulty level!

recycled pallet screen door

upcycled pallet screen door

wooden pallet screen door

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