Guide for Pallet Types

The pallets are available in various types like wooden pallets, heat treated pallets, plastic pallets, metallic pallets and others. Each material has advantages as well as disadvantages. The other include two way pallets, four way pallets, open pallets, closed-boarded pallets, wing pallets and reversible pallets. Many stores offer new, used, recycled and heat-treated pallets as well.

The Two ways entry pallet is basically close boarded and has no base board; it also could be wing type. The two way entry has also reversible pallet type. The four way entry pallet is found in pallet perimeter base and close boarded, perimeter base. The two way pallets has forklift openings on only two ends while four way pallets are having opening in all sides and can be accessed from any side. The standard size of the pallet is “40*48”.

The broad categories of pallet types are:

Stringer pallets:

Stringer Pallets

The stinger pallets have four way entries and can be easily accessed from four sides.

Block pallets:

Perimeter Base Pallet

These kinds of pallets are created from individual blocks and are considered stronger than stringer pallets.

Perimeter base pallets:

Block Pallets

In these pallets, the bottom boards are in one direction. These can be operated faster and efficiently as compared to other types. If the bottom board is oriented in two directions, it becomes easier to manage and move such pallets.

The least expensive material is used to build these kinds of pallets. The stringer pallets are usually of softwood while the block pallets are hardwood. Sometimes, the paper pallets are used for light loads and where recycling is important.

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