Pallet Wood Side Table and Nightstand

Creativity is all responsible for outstanding things around you. This time we will speak about the wooden creativity which you will see in this shape of pallet drink cabinet which will also work great for you bedside as a nightstand. This will also make a perfect DIY pallet side table for your couches and sofas. The amazing part of the structure is its legs which make it fascinating and visually attractive. Inside of this reclaimed pallet furniture contain a shelf and a lot of storage space to store you beverage bottles, books and other private tool which you want to hide.

We just left in rustic natural wooden textures to manifest the appearance for a vintage effect. You can do much more modifications to raise it on you specifications. Make it painted or stained both choices will be great for its charming display. The inside has been sanded to a satisfied extent to give a gentle and antique wood finish.

recycled pallet nightstand and drink cabinet

upcycled pallet nightstand and drink cabinet

upcycled pallet nightstand with storage

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