Pallet Computer Desk with Old Machine

There are always some of discarded materials and deleted stuff in home and even the collapsed pallet furniture pieces! To reclaim such a retired home materials would be a wise way to go instead of storing them in home trash store as a waste! Here are some creative details to turn your old stuff into more functional and sophisticated objects that you have never thought about before! Get this vintage inspired style of DIY pallet computer desk with a raised shelf panel to hole your display screen for a nice focus!

Vintage metal base of the tables comes from a retired sewing machine and has been revamped with pallet wood to behave like a functional desk or table! Two black metal pipes that also dignify the overall beauty of the desk with their accent metal touch, also responsible for all support to raised shelving level! Design is highly unique and special for easy laptop top operating and also provides sufficient space to organize your preference books and media items!

diy wooden pallet computer desk with metal sewing machine base

recycled pallet computer desk

repurposed pallet computer desk with old sewing machine base

wooden pallet desk with vintage sewing machine base

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