Pallet Coffee Table with Glass top

Pallet wood is a weathered type of wood so the mostly pallet products have a rustic and antique appearance. Here we have also crafted a DIY pallet coffee table with glass top out of some retired shipping pallets, we found these rustic skids at backyard place of home whether there is a pile of such a pallet skids. We have tried our best to get a piece of art too out of this pallet crafting phenomenon along with a utility table.

This pallet furniture can compete with a very big deal of home tasks. This ultra rustic design of table can accent any vintage and antique styled environment and will work also great for modern type of interiors due to its ecological appearance. Make a little search of the home surroundings otherwise get such a pallet from the shipping places where there is abundance of such a pallet skids. We have finished this DIY pallet craft with glass top and many optional changes like paint or stain can be done with your own creative mind.

recycled pallet black coffee table

reclaimed pallet black coffee table

upcycled pallet black coffee table

diy pallet black coffee table

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