Hairpin Legs Chevron Pallet Coffee Table

Coffee Table is very dire need of home and goes for very aesthetic serving plans at different locations. We use it for coffee taking and brewing purposes at outdoor and indoor for delicious sips of coffee and tea. We have given this DIY pallet recycled coffee table a chevron pattern through “v” shaped alignment of pallets, cut in equal thickness.

The delicate but sturdy hairpin legs make it more dignified and remarkable with unique and preferable style of standing. The table has very chic behavior and has been coated with polyurethane for glassy wooden shade. To get it more desirable we have given it a perfect rustic and vintage garnishing. We have finished this DIY pallet project off with an antler and a rustic basket; you can make it raised to your own creative desires.

recycled pallet chevron coffee table

upcycled pallet chevron coffee table

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