DIY Wooden Pallet Corner Desk

Usually the whole home space is occupied by the bedrooms, living rooms and the kitchens and we get no extra space to build a home office. So its gets really tough to work peacefully where you don’t get disturbed whole working from the house. In such cases corners can be rally helpful, as they are non- crowded and are quite silent and peaceful. To assist you with a great helping hand we have here with this DIY pallet corner deck, which has been specifically deigned and built to get adjusted in the corners of your house.

It has enough space on its top to hold files, some stationary stuff and most importantly your computer or the lap tops. Incorporate it with a comfortable pallet chair and you are ready to work in luxurious work station at home to work with full attention and concentration. At the both ends, tow cabinet have been built where you can hide your confidential and important paper work so that it does no get misplaced or the kid’s don’t ruin it. Stained in dark chocolaty stain, the desk is sure to bring some rustic and shabby chic style statements in your home decor.

diy pallet corner desk
For those who works form the home it is really necessary to have a very comfortable and professional space for proper working and this pallet desk would really help to create such ambiance around.
Repurposed pallet corner desk
This smart and the functional pallet computer desk has been built from the genius integrating of pallet slats to each other to from this desk fro fit your corners in a case you don’t have extra space for your working.
pallet corner desk
To organize and well settled working space you have a spacious table top and the side cabinets to hold and house your all the important and common used stuff in them so that you work in a clutter free space with more ease and fun.
Recycled pallet corner desk
The pallet table has been deigned and shaped in L so that is easily gets fit to the empty corners of your hall or living room where you can work with more calm and peace without any disturbance.
wooden pallet corner desk
The pallet cabinets have been inserted with metal handles so that you get easy grip on the cabinet door when you are to open or close them. Stained in dark shade it really gets a spicy look to add a touch of rusticity to your decor.

Made by: PalletBrighton

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