DIY Shabby Chic Pallet Coffee Table

Avoid expending too much on furniture that may results into a great shortage of money! Why to splurge on market furniture as you can build your own sturdy furniture with pallet wood that is always around you! Pallet is the most special kind of wood for recycling and is much popular due to its free availability, hardwood nature and feasible shape! People are using pallets to create amazing manifestations of furniture and we are here also with a creative one, check out this DIY shabby chic pallet coffee table built with two pallet skids which are held together in genius configuration!

White water based chalk has been used to create a shabby chic and vintage look of table that can also blend in beautifully to any modern chic and cozier environment! You can store you daily readable books inside of the shelving space at underside the table top and also some of personal tools, mobiles phones and TV remotes etc. Table has been finished with solid caster wheels for an appreciated hardware and metal touch!

handmade pallet shabby chic coffee table with wheels

reclaimed pallet shabby chic coffee table

reclaimed pallet shabby chic coffee table

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