DIY Pallet Chevron Top Coffee Table

We are here to introduce to you a lot more creative techniques and ideas of pallet wood crafting so one can easily avail the luxurious furniture now on a budget. Let’s see what we can do more with pallet wood! This time we are sharing a great plan of DIY pallet chevron coffee table with nicely assembled bottom. After cutting the pallets to size, the tops has been raised in single chevron style and then trimmed with a different tone of wood. Creative cuts have been given to legs for an angled behavior that creates the overall uniqueness.

This DIY wooden pallet table is full of rustic character and can perform much better in your living room. Wide tops and short yet graceful legs make it more arresting and designful that ordinary table mass. This DIY pallet coffee table is just a great idea to get the pallets recovered to useful stuff. Do check some other suggestion about creative uses of pallet for bigger changes and compliments to home.

recycled pallet chevron coffee table

reused pallet chevron coffee table

handmade pallet chevron coffee table

reused palet chevron coffee table

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