DIY Antique Style Pallet Coffee Table

The coffee table with a plain rectangular top and four legs is the earliest introduced form and shape of the coffee table. This style of the table has served us for centuries unless the pallet furniture lovers and furniture makers started playing creatively and imaginatively with the structure of the coffee tables and as a result we have a variety of coffee table designs and shapes to witness around.

But if you are a lover of the old and antique beauty then you can recreate that very first design with this DIY pallet coffee table. The table is a mouth piece of simplicity, elegance and sheer beauty to add a touch of decency to your living room decor. The table top has been resulted from the neat packaging of the pallet slats together and the legs have been cultivated from the thick in fiber pallet beams. Stained in dark brown shade at the top and white at the base the table looks truly a piece of classy beauty.

Wooden pallet coffee table
A gorgeous pallet coffee table is the first desire of every home love and furniture lover when it comes to furnish the living area of the house and this simple coffee table is the best option if you want to built it from the pallets.
pallet coffee table
The pallet coffee table is the replica of a common coffee table with a simple table top and legs which have been built quite easily by stacking the separated slats of the pallet together.
diy pallet coffee table
Braces have added between the legs because more joints mean more support and strength. stained int the combination of white and brown the table looks really a dazzling piece of vintage beauty.

Made by: Wes Smith

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