Pallet and Barn wood Wall Cabinet

Pallets are mostly got overlooked and a plenty of people think that they are as useless as the garbage of home! This is a big misperception for sure, pallets have great serving criteria even when they are off from shipping duty! They are actually the wooden skids having great recycling potential and people are making unique and extra ordinary furniture out of pallets! This DIY pallet and barn wood wall cabinet is another creative remake of pallets and comes with a fitted wooden dowel at bottom to also give you an exclusive set of towel rack!

It would really be a venerable addition to any of your bathroom or kitchen wall can take care of respective items like toiletries and kitchen spice jars! Interior of this cabinet has 3 shelving levels for good maintenance of stuff you are going to store in! White accent hinges has been provided for safe door spin while a knob has been fixed for ease of opening the door!

wooden pallet and barnwood wall cabinet

wooden pallet wall cabinet with towel rack

recycled pallet wall cabinet with towel rack

wooden pallet wall cabinet with towel rack

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