Pallet Headboard with Night Lamps

A headboard is not having the worth only for being an accent head of your bed, it is just much more that a decorative piece there! Modern headboard are just coming with outstanding features and also offer the custom storage compartments, charging outlets and decorative shelves built-in them! It just becomes sometime impossible to get a custom piece of headboard with custom features and dimensions to make you satisfied, but now it is possible, you can build it with at using some pallets and we would like to share the example of this DIY pallet headboard here having custom built-in night lamp compartments at both sides for a visually stimulating light spread at night!

The headboards is also thicker enough to hold your decorative pots and centerpieces over its top along with some picture frames and candle holders! The construction is all to do with deconstructed pallets and you can also go for some custom storage options to install to your targeted headboard design! Checkout more hundreds of pallet headboard ideas on our site just to chose your favorite one from!

wooden pallet headboard
The upper part of pallet headboard is hollow from inside and by making two square shaped wooden cut out to compartments have been achieved that will just love to hold your night lamps inside for bigger statements of decors!
handmade rustic pallet headboard
Due to enough thickness the headboards just offers a mantle level to display a variety of you decors, by just make a few pallets disassembled you can just start building this headboard easily!

Made by: Creation Palettes

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