Reclaimed Pallet Wood Chest

Chest is one of popular home furniture commodities that serve for storage in home. We used the trunks for short scaled but secured storage. To secure our home blanket we have also resurrected a DIY pallet wood chest out of pallet wood with hinged and lift top. Top charmingly opens for storage of things and has supported with chair to handle the unbalanced pull or push. This DIY pallet trunk gives you the opportunity of toy storage by making it a kid’s treasure box.

It has been assembled with powerful adhesive glue and nails looks much engaging in vintage appearance. Hardware touch through hinges and chains makes it spicier and very overwhelming in trends. Sort out some pallet wood to expand the storage space of your home by doing this super easy and quick DIY pallet furniture project at home. We have finished it off with minwax stain with satin lacquer spray for a visually attractive finish.

 recycled pallet chest

repurposed pallet chest

upcycled pallet chest

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