Pallet Clock Designs

The clock is very common wall art and often meets at front and focal point walls of the home. We have also handcrafted a dainty DIY pallet clock inspiration by getting pallets resurrected in clever way. The clock has been built in pure quartz time counting system with sharp and precised clock hands. The aged pallet planks after skilful stripping has been stacked to get antique square shape to serve as a vintage wall art to home walls.

Many dark and pastel shades can be given to this DIY pallet wall art to make it visually pleasing and eye-capturing accent. This will go greatly to compliment your home with rustic and vintage feel. This is just a best plan to save the wood for a long time and the whole DIY pallet project is very well coordinating to shabby chic and cottage styled living.

recycled pallet clock

upcycled pallet wall clock

repurposed pallet wall clock

resurrected pallet wall clock

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